Up Front Gallery

The Art of Shopping

Discover all the unique, handmade creations that make our Up Front Gallery one-of-a-kind.

Baskets, cards, ceramics, glass, jewelry, scarves, and wood make perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or just because!

Best of all, a gift from Up Front is also a gift to Studios: all purchases support our enriching arts programming for children, teens and adults.

Featured Artists
AndBe Boutique - homegoods
Helen Andersen - jewelry
Cindi Baker - teether toys
Rod Baker - glass
Heidi F. Beal - textiles & cards

Ursula Bentz - Felt bags and scarves
Toni Bouman - silk
Tristan Brandenburg - pens
Bryn Bridenthal - glass & jewelry
Melissa Campbell - glass
Betsey Carter - ceramics
Clare Crespo - papergoods
Susan Cueva - childrens books
Josi Derry - mixed media
Nancy Dorobiala - jewelry
Earthsea Pottery - ceramics
Marylou Falstreau - fine arts
Kelly Gilleran - bags & cards
Peg Grady - embroidery and acyrlics 
Julie Green - jewelry
Erin Hanson - book
Susan Hugo - leather
Barbara Intrieri - baskets
Sharon Jackman - ceramics
Kelly Johnson - glass
Debra Jurey - jewelry
Kirstin Kallal - printmaking
Cheryl Keast - jewelry
Sheri Klein - glass
Larry Le Brane - glass
Pat Leece - handbags
Sara Lindsey - jewelry
Barry Lundgren - wood
Deb Lysek - silk
Dug Nap - fine arts
Jan Neuser - glass
Noma Glass - glass
Margaret O'Bryan - jewelry
Barbara O'Hare - textiles
Tom Peck - ceramics
Heidi Petersen - ceramics
Maggie Pickering - jewelry
Beryl Reichenberg - children's books
Dot Ringer - jewelry
Pamela Rivas - silk
Sher Roberts - jewelry
Penny Sabin - paintings
Nancy Sadja - jewelry
Jan Schachter - ceramics
Denise Schryver - textiles
Diane Skotak - photography
Michael Spiegelhalter - glass
Monique Teal - home goods
Paula Teplitz - ceramics
The Garage Printing - textiles

The Winemakers of Paso Robles - Book
Lyndon Thomson - jewelry
Donett Vanek - block print linens & cards
Janis & Marc Veilleux - wood boxes
Rebecca Wamsley - Jewelry
Kathryn Welsh - jewelry
Priscilla White - jewelry
Stephanie Wilbanks - glass
Karen Wilkins - jewelry
Chloe Wilson - paintings

Winehive - Wine bottle holder
George Zarolinski - jewelry