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"Imaginary Fiend (not friend)" - Acrylic

"Emily" - Mixed Media Shadowbox

"Here, in my Head" - Acrylic

Lena Rushing


Formerly from Southern California, Lena Rushing has called the Central Coast home for 17 years. For the past twenty years she has been committed to connect with the public through art. Rushing supports a variety of local nonprofit organizations by offering work for fundraising events, while volunteering her time, sharing lessons in art with children at her neighborhood school.

Lena Rushing's work is honest and authentic. Her distinctive paintings and shadowboxes, portray strong, striking women, shrouded in unnerving subtext. The protagonist in each piece is often in the company of animals and other symbols of her predicament. These cathartic narratives are constructed with the intent to intrigue and engage the viewer. She is thrilled to join Studios on the Park in their efforts to share art with the community.