"Your Studios have always provided such joy to me personally. Ever since the beginning of days, it was almost a second home. The Studios and artists providing comfort and creativity. Most of all, knowing you were all helping out the community in such a big way." Lynn Kenney, Paso Robles, CA

"Art can make a statement and a difference, and Studios on the Park is an example of how this can happen." Karen R. Schroeder, Santa Barbara, CA

"Your art center is really impressive, and I thought your reception night was one of the best I have seen. Between the fantastic art, talented musicians, homemade caramel, cookie decorating and the room in back to sit down and paint, I can see why there were so many people there. I loved the student room and would have treasured a studio like yours growing up. Thank you again for including me. I discovered several fantastic artists in the Signature room, and thought the Paso Robles square itself charming." Maura, Palo Alto, CA

"I found this working studio and collective art gallery very refreshing and a real breath of fresh air. Paso Robles residents and city leaders should be be very proud...Great variety, multiple artists on hand, skill levels quite good, prices running a very broad range, etc. make a it a great stop...We were there on a Friday night at almost 8pm prior to our dinner reservations nearby and there were at least half a dozen artists still there, still working, still being the utmost in friendliness and gracefulness and all deserve to have this space and concept fully supported by the community and not just art buyers from elsewhere. It enriches the city and deserves to flourish." Tim, Santa Fe, NM (from TripAdvisor)

"My sister and I came through your gallery/work space yesterday in Paso Robles and I just needed to tell you how impressed and delighted I was seeing your work. It prompted me to purchase oil paints, etc. (mine were really old) today to paint. I do large non-representational acrylics, but thought it would be wonderful to work with oils again. Thank you for the inspiration and I want you to know that I truly love your work!" Eileen, San Jose, CA

"My wife and I went through every booth last Sunday and there was no artist's work that didn't absolutely amaze me!" Bill Roberts, Atascadero, CA

"i have just read your september calendar and am so impressed with the quality, variety and sophistication you bring to the paso art world. we artsy-fartsy types are very fortunate. maybe more so our children and grandchildren. the programs you offer them may nurture the next leonardo! the children, at the very least, will be exposed to some of the finer things in life. and in a world that is becoming less refined it is a welcome and needed experience. thanks for all you do for me and our community." Joseph D'Alessio, Paso Robles, CA

"My name is Carrie Hecker. I recently visited the Gallery on the Park in Paso Robles. I have admired art in the streets and galleries halfway around the world, and I  can say that I was  Pleasantly amazed at the quality and diversity of the talented artists displayed there... As I wandered in and out of the little  studio-galleries, I was in a kind of reverie... Thank you so much for your shining example of how excellence And persistence can bring deserved recognition and appreciation to the talented artist in this Profit and production driven society of ours." Carrie Hecker

"This was the best field trip in my entire career of teaching." Linda Shutt