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Ray Roberts working on the quick draw painting that won the Best of Show award

Three artists attending the opening reception (left to right) Anita Hampton, winner of an Award of Merit in the quick draw competition; writer Molly Siple; and Marcia Burtt, winner of the Best of Show award in the Local Colors exhibition

Kathleen Dunphy painting during the quick draw competition

Peggi-Kroll Roberts, who conducted a workshop earlier in the week, is shown here participating in the quick draw

Kaaren Robertson working in watercolor

Julia Seelos' quick draw painting of one of the antique cars parked in downtown Paso Robles

Bands, Dancers & Outdoor Painters in CA Featured

June 4, 2012 -

A party atmosphere prevailed during the three-day Paso Robles Festival of the Arts (May 25-27, 2012) in California. The event included a quick draw competition; a Local Colors juried show, a special Plein Air Masters exhibition, live bands, dancers, and acrobats. Find out who won awards in the art competitions.

PleinAir magazine editor Steve Doherty picked Marcia Burtt to receive the Best of Show award in the Local Color exhibition and Ray Roberts as the Best of Show winner in the quick draw competition. Doherty also picked John Cosby, Scott W. Prior, John Barnard, and Anita Hampton to receive Awards of Merit in the quick draw. The event organizers also presented awards in the quick draw to Leslie Rich and Thomas Van Stein.

Award of Merit recipients in the Local Colors exhibition included Dennis Curry, Chris Chapman, and Will Bateman. For more information, visit