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Children build sand castle at Paso Robles Festival of the Arts, 2012

Public Mural Project, Paso Robles Festival of the Arts 2012

Proud Daddy Takes Picture of Daughter's Newly Painted Face

Children Make Stained Glass Art

Children Create Blow Art

Wading Pools? No, Rose Petal Pools. But they waded in rose petals.

Michael Reddell's Small Figure Sculptures on Glass

Larry Le Brane's Fused Glass Work

More Sculpture and Fused Glass by Larry Le Brane

Lucie Ryan's Mood Pieces

"Prometheus" by George Jercich

Sculptures by Bart Kerwin

More Sculptures by Bart Kerwin

Vel Miller's Ronald Reagan Sculpture "Our American Legacy"

One of Vel Miller's Sculptures of Native American Women

Vel Miller's "Double Trouble

Robert Roemisch's River Art Sculpture

Paso Robles Festival of the Arts, Main Event in the Park, 2012, Part I

May 27, 2012 - Tidbits From Templeton

I’m home from a very busy art festival. I’ve taken about 100 short videos, and over 100 photos. I have only processed a few photos to share with you now. In this post I will concentrate on two very different activities — the activities for children and the sculpture exhibits. The picture above combines both, and as I watched the children working enthusiastically on this sand castle, I thought it was the best activity I’ve seen at the festival for children in three years. I hope they keep it. I could only wish, as I saw all the art experiences available to children, that such a festival had been in Ventura County when our family lived there. How fortunate the Central Coast is to be able to give the children all these opportunities to explore their creativity. Here are some of the other children’s activities that were available.

Next we will visit the sculptors. The Central Coast Sculptors Group shared a double booth to exhibit their work this year, and it was a first for them. There were five of the sculptors I found exhibiting their work as part of the group. I will share photos of some of their work below. I will be expanding on this in a separate article, complete with videos as soon as I have time, but I wanted to get something out to you before I retire tonight. Here’s a bit of what I saw:

You can find Michael Reddell at his blog.

You can find Larry Le Brane at his website.

Here’s the link to Lucie Ryan’s website.

Find George Jercich at his blog.

Learn more about Bart and his work at Bart’s World Website

As I walked around the other booths, I discovered a few more sculptors not exhibiting with the Central Coast Sculptors Group. One of these was Vel Miller, who specializes in Western Art. Here are some of my favorites she had in her booth. You can see more of Vel’s work at her website, Vel

The last bit of sculpture I had time to see was that of Ojai artist Robert Roemisch. The large circle you see is his “Circle of Life,” which is a river-inspired environmental sculpture commissioned by the REC Foundation. Technically, it was part of the Environmental exhibit section, but art is art and sculpture is sculpture. We will end with his work today. Watch for more on the Festival of the Arts as my time permits. And remember, you’ve got until June 2 to see the Phantom 2 Show in the old A&R Furniture Building on 12th and Pine in Paso Robles. It’s only open on Sunday, Friday, and next Saturday. Then, like any phantom, it will vanish.