Panel Rental

As a legacy of producing the acclaimed Festival of the Arts and ARTSFEST events, Studios on the Park has over 100 quality show panels and their hanging accessories available to rent.

Panel Specifications
-7′ from top to bottom and 38.5″ wide. Display area is 70.5" tall by 28.5" wide.
-Light grey carpet on metal tube frame, can display on both sides
-Fasten together in any configuration of two or more *
-Light, strong and easy to handle (approximately 14 lbs each)
-Legs do not collapse
-Zip ties and velcro are provided for bracing as are hanging accessories
-Panels fit in most SUV’s, mini vans and trucks but it's best to measure your vehicle.

$100 for 2 panels
$15/panel for each additional panel

Reservations & Payment
To reserve panels, please complete the Panel Rental Request & Agreement Form and send to Facilities Coordinator, Jordan Hockett at State the number of panels and dates required as well as your preferred pick up and delivery dates and times. The minimum number to rent is two. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received, preferably in the form of a check payable to Studios on the Park. Checks and forms may be delivered to Studios on the Park or mailed to Jordan Hockett c/o Studios on the Park to PO Box 3000, Paso Robles, CA 93447.

Pick Up & Return
Pick-up and return of the panels should be arranged with Jordan and scheduled at the time of reservation. All pick-up and return must take place between the hours of 9 am and 4:30 pm. You will need either a pickup truck, van, or large SUV to transport the panels depending on the number of panels. We prefer that they be laid flat on top of each other to prevent the frames possibly being damaged. Make sure the bed of the truck etc. is clean and/or covered with a clean tarp or cloth. Bring bungee cords or lightweight rope if using an open truck bed in case needed to hold things in place. If you’re picking up a lot of panels, you may want to bring a friend to help you.

While Jordan is typically unable to deliver, under some circumstances he may be willing depending on his schedule and the delivery location. The fee is usually $50 for one way.

Notes About Pro Panels
*To learn more about our panels and setup possibilities, please visit the manufacturer’s website at Best to do this before reserving or at least before pickup so that you can request and receive the correct parts needed for your intended display plan.
*Heavy artworks must be hung using multiple hooks to avoid separating the carpeting from the solid core
*In the case of windy conditions, we recommend having weights and/or tent hooks. It’s always a good idea to tie together the canopy and the panels with tent hooks if windy conditions are expected.