PASO POPS, the new annual patriotic-themed concert and Independence Day celebration complete with fireworks sponsored by the Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles, delivered four checks to local non-profit youth arts programs, including Studios on the Park.

Mark McConnell and Liz Lee, owners of Heart to Heart Real Estate in Paso Robles, present a generous check. Sherman and Michelle Thacher of Thacher Winery in Paso Robles designated Studios as a beneficiary through their association with Heart to Heart.

Lisa Stromsoe & Lori Buzzetti of the Avalon Foundation are visionary and committed donors who have generously supported Studios on the Park with annual gifts since we opened our doors in 2009. Here they are with founder Anne Laddon.

Here Jacque Leonard owner of Salon Roux, a full-service salon and spa in Paso Robles, gives $14,000 for Kids Art Smart. The funds were raised from a special benefit concert featuring A. J. Croce to celebrate the salon’s fifth anniversary.

The Community Foundation Director of Grants & Programs Janice Fong Wolf presents a $5,500 grant check to the Studios on the Park Board. Foundation and grant donations like this make our transformative arts programming possible.

Archie McLaren, Chairman of the Central Coast Wine Classic Foundation, presents Anne Laddon with the grant check that started Kids Art Smart.

Volunteer coordinator of Studios on the Park's Kids Art Smart program Leslie Moss with Jennifer Smith, Board Member of ART for Children and Kids Art Smart student artists from Templeton Elementary School.

Studios on the Park is grateful to the individuals and organizations whose gifts help ensure the creative process is available to the public! Join them in providing a community where anyone from the artistically curious to the established artist can learn about, exhibit, and actively engage with art.

Whether it's $1 or $10,000, every gift matters. Donate and ensure that our transformative and impactful programs continue to make a tremendous difference, one life at a time.

Contributions to support our mission and underwrite specific programs are tax-deductible. We work with corporations, foundations and individuals to identify investment opportunities that meet organizational and personal giving goals. For more information about making a gift to Studios, please contact us at 805.238.9800. Click here for our downloadable Sponsorship Recognition Plan.



Our essential arts services to 102,366 children and adults in 2016 were made possible thanks to these generous donors. 

Pam & Terry Barnes
Cass Vineyard & Winery - Alice & Steve Cass
Paso Robles Wineries – Lauren LeKai
Travel Paso Robles Alliance
Hansjoerg Wyss

Adelaide Inn - Matt Masia
The Blueprinter- Kathy & Doug Schultz
Hellie & Hy Blythe
Heritage Oaks Bank
JUSTIN/The Wonderful Foundation Inc.
Carol Tucker & Jim Peterson
Harold Spencer

Advance Adapters – Michael Partridge
A.R.T. for Children
Enfold Wines - Anita Speciale & Joseph D'Alessio
Liz & Newlin Hastings
Hind Foundation
Anne Laddon & Jim Irving
Dee Lacey
Lattis Networks - Ted Dronen
Deborah Longo
Paderewski Festival
Page Roofing - Jason Mueller
Barbara & John Partridge
Marilyn & Ken Riding
Jane & Steve Sinton
Lorraine Young & Mark Spencer
Leslie & Mitch Wyss
Yesterdays Sportswear - Debbie & Tim Kopack

Lee & Tony Adinolfi
Nancy & Doug Beckett
John & Carolyn Braun
Lori Buzzetti
Carol & Bruce Conway
County of San Luis Obispo
Dina & Morley Golden
Kathy & Dale Gomer
Jean Kuntze
Rick Mathews
Michael Dusi Logistics
Marcey Olajos
Diane Rochelle
Laura Coats & Thom Schulz
Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
Kedrin Van Steenwyk
Stephanie & Ken Wilbanks
Elaine & Don Witmer

Amy & Russell Baker
Katherine Barnett
Ann Brown
Jane Jennifer & Jeff Carey
Diane & Michael Coffin
Alison & John Denlinger
Kate Dubost
Korey Dudley
Susan Blais & Barry Fisher
Phyllis & Robert Frank
Thomas Frutchey
Barbara George
Sonja Bolle & Patrick Goldstein
Lynn & Paul Kenney
Nancy & Rich Klassen
Francie Levy
Mark Mertens
Heather & Kevin Mikelonis
Mitchella Vineyard & Winery - Angela & Darren Mitchell
Margaret & Mark O'Bryan
Terri & Matt Oppedahl
Paso Robles Rotary
The Ragtime Collective
Karen Willer & Stephen Peterson
REC Foundation
RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate - Pete Dakin
Monika Roe
Heather & Justin Smith
Stephen Hovey Accountancy Corporation
Pat Stevens
Thompson Trading Co. – Tom Thompson

4 G’s Plumbing
Liz Alflen
All About Events - Steven Herring
Rick & Susan Arredondo
Beatrice Dubes Asseo
Jocelyn & Tom Baer
Janis Bailey
Randy Ball
Michael & Jackie Baugh
Barbara Bell
Big Red Marketing - Amanda Diefenderfer
Bill Gaines Audio
Carroll Black-Brown
Pat Bland
Karyn & John Blaney
Don Blazej
Judy & Michael Blunden
Colleen & Roger Bowsky
Berta Bray
Patricia & Dale Breckow
Andrea & David Brehe
Claudette Bryant Garcia
Jeannie Bush
Samantha & Jon Cagliero
Tracy Cagliero
Gail & Don Campbell
Central Coast Creamery - Reggie Jones
Carolyn Chambers
Eve Provost Chartrand
Heidi & Nelson Cobleigh
Elizabeth Cocco
Ann Cochrane
Kathy Collins
Allen Cox
Gloria Crampton
Robin & Dean Crawford Jr.
Joan & John Crother
Karen & Mike Crouch
Culver Construction - Robin Culver
Sandra Culver
Dennis Curry
India D'Avignon
Nancy Dahlberg
Frank Cawley & Helen K. Davie
Pam & Don Davis
Penny Chavez & Rick Davis
Kathy Keeler & Stuart de Haaff
Bob Dietz
Digital West Networks, Inc.
Audrey Dodd
Shelly Domingos
Terri Eade
Leora & Darrell Eide
Cindy Ellis
Ginnie & Stan Eschner
Linda & John Falkenstien
Phoebe Palmer & Peter Fels
Ruth Ferreri
Lesley Fong
Susan Lund & Harry Frank
Meagan Friberg
Linda & William Frost
Carolyn Gilman
Jean Ann & Doug Gilman
Nancy Gleim
Deanne Daily Gonzalez
Jeanie & Andy Greensfelder
Dawn & Steve Gregory
Susan & Bill Grove
Sarah Guglielmo
Marjorie & John Hamon
Retagene Hanslik
Michelle Harper
Nancy Harris
Cynthia Hatt
Heart to Heart Real Estate - Mark McConnell & Liz Lee Marziello
Dodie Herzog
Caroline Hicks
Kathy Hoelscher
Stacy Hooper
Patricia & Paul Hoover
Howenstine Family
Susanna Hoy
Bert Hudgins
Joan Hughes
Mata Iaia
Interior Motives - Jennifer Thompson
Chris Iversen
Vera Jacobs
Steven Johnson
Debra & Mark Jurey
Joanie Ketchum
Jamie Kirk
Lynn & Art Kishiyama
Pat Klever
Julie Kreowski
June & Henry Krisch
Gemma Krumland
Carolyn Kuehl
Gerry Large
Rose Lee
Sheri Leveille
Barbara Lewin
Lisa Lewis
Rusty & Chuck Lipscomb
Jan Littlejohn
Judy Lyon
Deb & Ed Lysek
Carole MacDonal
Jeannie & Greg MacDougall
Mary Manni
Nancy Mathe
Patti Matheny
Linda & William McFarlen
Debbie & Bill McMurray
Linda Midkiff
James William Miller
Vicky Morse
Carol & Richard Mortensen
Pati & Robert Motto
Kathy Myers
Karen & Craig Nass
Mary & Neil Neumann
Jan Neuser
North County Newcomers Club
Wendy Olson
Jean & Gary Ostler
Marilyn Palla
Mary Pallotti
Cheryl & Rebecca Parkin
Dagny & Joel Peterson
Kathleen Peterson
Lisa Lassen Plemons
Anne Quinn
Debra Raleigh
Lynn Ramires
Ranchita Canyon Vineyard - Teresa & Bill Hinrichs
Pat Rath
Marcia & Jerry Reaugh
Suzanne Redberg
Red Scooter Deli - Stephanie Johnston
Gracie Rey
Ann Robinson
Ann & W. Jack Rode
Estelle Roitblat
Jo Ann & Henry Rosemont
Robert "Rosey" Rosenthal
Sharon & Stuart Ross
Jean Ross
Kabe Russell
Millicent "Penny" Sabin
Elisabeth & Mark Sarrow
Mary Sayne
Gary Schoolcraft
Jill Sylvain & Richard Schroder
Connie Seader
Turko Semmes
David Settino Scott
Gwen Severson
Dan Shadwell
Lynette & John Shanahan
Patricia Shannon
Bob Simola
Laurie & Jack Sinton
Lee Snyder
Eugenia Snyder Thorpe
Sharon Sobraske
Solterra Strategies - Stacie Jacob
Sylvia Soos
Mardee Sprayberry
Betty & Gerald Sprouse
Toni & Ren Stelloh
Nora & Norman Stevens
John Stipicevich
Kathy Stone
Gail Tannehill
Michelle & Sherman Thacher
Thomas Hill Organics
Sarah Toft
Fran & Paul Tognazzini
Libby & David Tolley
Maureen Trevisan
Elizabeth Triol
Kathy & Gary Tucker
Peggy & Jeffrey Turk
Jim Tyler
Bimmer & Niels Udsen
Margaret & Larry Ward
Diane Ward
Richard Lashbrook & Patricia Watters
Carol & Tom Weiss
Meg Williamson
Dr. Michael & Tobi Willson
Windward Vineyard - Maggie D'Ambrosia & Marc Goldberg
Beth & Gary Wray
Phil Wright
Carla Young

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