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The Big Little Art Show

April 4, 2019 - April 28, 2019
Atrium Gallery

Size does matter! Studios on the Park is pleased to present “The Big Little Art Show,” guest curated by founding resident artist and professional watercolorist Judy Lyon. This exciting exhibition features works, very small and very large, exploring the myriad ways that scale affects the perception of art.

Large and small objects require different approaches, elicit unique responses from their viewer, and reflect the varying impacts their scale can illicit. This dynamic exhibition features two and three-dimensional works in all mediums and encourages artists to play with scale as a key component in the composition of artwork.

Featured Artists
Rosemary Bauer
Melissa Bayhan
Francene Beaman
Margaret Bertrand
Hellie Blythe
Annette Bradley
Carolyn Braun
Dean Crawford Jr.
Christine Crozier
Dennis Curry
Helen K Davie
Drew Davis
Linda Derosa
Robert Dodge
WB Eckert
Bruce Everett
Patti Everett
Scott Froschauer
Colleen Gnos
Peg Grady
Janice Hafner
Janice Hafner
Rich "Hap" Happoldt
Nily Harel
Jordan Hockett
Deb Hofstetter
Kelly Johnson
Steven Johnson
Jeff Jones
Debra Jurey
Yael Korin
Barry Lundgren
Drew Mayerson
Lin Mercer
Anna Meyrick
Leslie Morgan
Richard Mortensen
Margaret O'Bryan
Jean Obermeier
Pam Panattoni
Tom Peck
Meryl Perloff
Rosemary Pisciotta
Penny Sabin
Joan Scheibel
Greg Simmons
Bob Simola
Miranda Sisemore
Linda Grone Smith
Mark Spencer
Sally Tippman
Ginger Toomer
Jim Trask
Carol Tucker
Jessica Valencia
Dianne Vantomme
Nancy Vest
Larry Vice
Peggy Vrana
Rebecca Wamsley
Rebecca Wamsley
Linda Wargo
Betty Wick
Stephanie Wilbanks