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Veterans' Voices II

February 28, 2019 - March 31, 2019
Atrium Gallery

This exhibition is an opportunity for those who have served in the armed forces to express themselves through the artistic medium. All branches of service, both active and retired are welcome. All mediums of artistic expression are encouraged. We are giving veterans voices through art.

A wise person once said, “Time is your most valuable asset.” Those who have served have given their most valuable gift of time. In return they were given: pride, patriotism, honor and respect as well as PTSD, mental health issues, homelessness, isolation, loss of hope and faith. All of these are byproducts of service and war.

We ask them to share reflections on their lifetimes, playtimes and pastimes. What has their service meant to them? What did they take away from their experience through service? How have they suffered? How have they healed? How do they feel? How can we help?

Through infinite creativity we include three areas of participation:

1) Veteran artists participate in their own right, sharing their art and how they use it to heal. Students discover and share their findings through portraiture and interview.

2) Artists as mentors collaborate with veterans to synergistically co-create artwork and in the process build bridges of friendship, hope and healing.

3) As artistic interpreters, professional artists listen to the stories and ideas our veterans share to flush out and create their artistic visions.

This is how we build bridges through art and tap into its healing power.

Another wise person once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” What if we shared truth from our souls and risked vulnerability in order to educate and bring wisdom to our youth? Could we change our future by sharing the truth of our past?

Join us in this thought provoking show as we listen with our eyes, hear with our hearts, and feel with our souls what the voices of our veterans have to say.

Exhibition Special Events
Art After Dark Paso
Saturday, March 2: 6 pm - 9 pm

Peace Literacy: Our Human Needs and the Tangles of Trauma
with Paul K. Chappell

Saturday, March 23: 10 am - 12 pm


Curator’s Statement by Deprise Brescia
"As Veterans’ Voices returns for its second year, I am reminded of the great privilege and joy it is to serve our veterans through this unique arts exhibition. In great and small ways, our servicepeople give their time, their energy, and sometimes even their lives for all of us because we are all in this together. We are all connected.

Freedom is never free. The price of service is never free. There are reflections of this price that ripple through families changed forever by events seemingly beyond our control. This show is a place we are allowed to visually share how we feel, what we think and exercise our freedom of speech.

As artists we create so people may feel something. Our art carries with it the emotion and energy that we put into it. By sharing and baring our souls we are truly building bridges of communication through art. We are empowering veterans so they can be heard and release what may be trapped within. Call it an artistic form of therapy. In Veterans Voices II experience how veterans, military, their families and communities can find healing and come together as we build bridges through art.

I am honored to share the vast array of stories, perspectives, friendships and reflections from every branch of service, every era in time and everyone who desired to have their voice heard. It is with overwhelming joy I bring you Veterans’ Voices II as Veterans’ Voices returns."