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"Blowing Bubbles Rheinmaidens" - 30" x 40" Oil

"McCloud Trout" - 24" x 38" Oil

"Solo Koi" - 30" x 24" Oil (Nishigoi varieties, Old Paso Robles Inn Koi Ponds)

"Sun Tree Ghost Koi" - 30" x 24" Oil on Canvas


August 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018
David Kreitzer's Studio

It’s HIGH SUMMER! Come in, cool off, and immerse yourself in David Kreitzer’s WaterWorks, a collection of his fluid and sparkling water images.

Meet David Kreitzer every weekend at Studios on the Park and enjoy stunning koi, fantasy and figure water paintings in oil and watercolor.

"I try to paint only the good, the true, and the beautiful.” David Kreitzer, Contemporary Realist