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January 31, 2019 - February 24, 2019
Atrium Gallery

Creative Couples ° Partners in Art ° Partners in Life

Couples who share a home and share creative passions navigate their relationship and their art in unique ways. Some duos collaborate and create pieces of art together. Others work in distinct mediums, but use their artistic experience to consult with the other, offering suggestions and support.

This exhibition explores the ways creative partners interact, inspire and enhance each other’s creative process. How does one keep a sense of self, yet encourage the other, whether working together or in separate studios? Does having two creative people in the house bring inventive thinking to other areas of their life? Several creative couples will share their unique works of art in many mediums and offer insight into their inspirational interactions.

Featured Artists
Katherine Anderson & Steve Anderson
Rosemary Bauer & Mike Bauer
Nancy Becker & Len Chmiel
Margaret Bertrand & Robert Dodge
Lois Charles & Peter Charles
Charlotte D’Aigle & Carl Berney
Julie Dunn & Roger Combs
Abigail Gumbiner & Peter Holmes
Rosalind Hage & Barry Hage
Leslie Hannon & Mike Hannon
Kelly Johnson & Leonard Johnson
Sheri Klein & Jim Tyler
Jean Obermeier & Wade Smith
Jami Ray & Josh Talbott
Barbara Rosenthal & Rosey Rosenthal
Editha Hayes Spencer & Harold Spencer
Mary Summers & Kerry Drager
Peggy Vrana & Michael Miller
Stephanie Wilbanks & Ken Wilbanks

Curator's Statement by Stephanie Wilbanks

Being an artist is romantic? Perhaps…. But being an artist is a challenging way to spend your days. Artists often perceive a strong societal current from the opposite direction they are traveling. Two things help. Unconditional support by a partner and an honest critic who understands how to work within the limiting emotional structures inherent in any creative endeavor. With a bonafide creative pARTner one gets both: muse & critic, romance/reality, limitless vistas/practical parameters. At its best, a bi-directional contract beneficial to both pARTners.

Few things are as satisfying as being understood by a peer in your field. But an understanding peer in your house is about as good as it gets. Creative couples may be the luckiest people in the world. That is not to say that they work together or complete each others sentences. Often they have profound differences. But that is what makes pARTners work.