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Creative Couples

January 31, 2019 - February 24, 2019
Atrium Gallery

People who are couples in life and couples in art are a special group. This show will offer insight into how artistic couples interact as they create their art, even if they work in different mediums. We want to show the creative results of this connection. Including, for example, how does one partner keep a sense of self, while encouraging and elevating the other, whether working together or alone? Or, how does their partnership enhance each other’s work?

Creative Couples is open to couples who have a romantic relationship, but each is a successful artist in their own right. Every selected couple’s work (one piece from each) will be shown as a set. Couples who collaborate may submit two works. While works produced in the past several years are preferred, if an older work better amplifies this theme, it can be submitted.

Click here for the downloadable Call for Artists.