Summer Solstice Mapping Demonstration & Discussion with the Sierra Club

June 21 - June 22 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Despite the rapid rise of electronic media, maps continue to be a relevant medium in our culture. This is especially true when we endeavor to depict heterogeneous, spatial relationships on a flat surface. So, humans have learned to associate two-dimensional depictions with the three-dimensional reality.

What is the distance we are prepared to undertake? What is the elevation gain and loss? What type of terrain and vegetation are we likely to encounter? What are the peaks we can see in the distance and how tall are they? All of these answers and more can be found on maps; they can be lifesavers.

Members of the Sierra Club spend a lot of time outdoors. Each month they offer outings for all levels of fitness, throughout the Central Coast. Join their hike leaders on summer solstice to talk about the use of open space topographic maps with details about contour relief and quantitative representation of natural features and make plans to spend your summer in nature.


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