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"You Missed a Spot" - Watercolor

"Cat Clean" - Watercolor

Midori Feldman

cell phone: 805.305.1913

Midori seeks to share the wild, random nature of life through watercolors. She is fascinated by the serendipity of the medium. They seem to have a life of their own. Midori began her artistic journey during high school, painting with India ink. She foolishly put away art when she entered college. Then, in 2013, after raising a family, she found it again after 35 years. Since re-discovering art, Midori has continuously studied drawing and watercolor through workshops and books. Many describe Midori’s work as Sumi-like. Midori likes to describe her work as a cross between conventional Chinese ink paintings and impressionism. Whatever the subject matter, the most important thing is that the art communicates the feeling that the scene or subject evokes.