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"Individual Thought Patterns", 2014 Mixed Media: Archival photograph, collage, encaustic, oils, collograph, leather and found objects

"Shichi Go San" (detail), 2013 Mixed Media: Archival photograph, collage, encaustic, jade, stiching, oils, vintage kimono fabrics and found objects

Eve Chartrand

cell phone: 805.423.4206

Eve Chartrand likes to compare her artistic demarche with the artisanal makings of quilts: Hours of research, a meticulous work of assembly and a will to show, through the enunciator gesture, a true creative signature.

Touched by an image, a character or an event, she collects objects that speak to her or are interesting for their texture, their history, their aesthetic quality or their etymological value. Surrounded by clusters of artifacts, Eve transforms images and builds them up; she sticks, rouges and paints, hoping in the end that experimentation gives birth to creations which call for meditation, silence and reflection.