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"William Hearst Pier"

"Wine Barrels"

"Big Sur"

Kari Randall


Kari Randall is an internationally trained artist residing on the Central Coast. Her intuitive use of color is evident in her watercolor and oil paintings, which are inspired by her passions. She explains, “It’s a journey with endless possibilities as my brush hits the canvas. Nothing is more exciting and fearful than a fresh white canvas.” While Kari's creative expression initially took the form of making mud pies in her mother's front yard, she has been painting for over 20 years. Her major influences include artists such as Caravaggio and Sargent as well as her many travels. One of Kari's fondest memories is of her experience painting in Chablis, France for four weeks. She recalls, "We held an exhibition on the last day and the entire village came, including the baker. Art became our interpreter. There I was this American artist surrounded by the French with my wine glass in one hand feeling like I was home.“ Kari believes her most striking gift is the use of color and light in her paintings: “As I pick up a paintbrush the rest of the world fades and I am at peace."