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"Night Chases Day" - Collograph with Hand-Cut Stamps

"Letting Go" - Two-Plate Aquatint Etching

Barbara Rosenthal

cell phone: 805.528.4946

Using traditional intaglio printmaking, along with innovative techniques, Barbara shares her love for this life. Her artwork incubates in her sketchbook, her companion on long coastal walks and evenings by the fire, until she is ready to commit her composition to metal. Both natural and social themes balance the inner and outer worlds.

A native of Northern California, Barbara (Boyer) Rosenthal earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from U.C. Berkeley in 1970. A lifelong drawer and painter, she was introduced to printmaking in 1978 by her artist husband, Robert “Rosey” Rosenthal. They have shared ideas and a studio in Los Osos, California, for thirty years.