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Debra Jurey


Twelve years ago Debra Jurey fell in love with off loom bead weaving, giving her the freedom to create favorite themes inspired by the natural environment. With an artist's eye Mrs. Jurey transforms seed beads, gemstones and precious metals into wearable art. Her fascination with color and pattern in the natural world are dominating influences in her work. Using traditional stitches such as peyote, brick, right angle weave, and ndebele she is able to evoke the undulating ripples in a stream, or the iridescent light on the wing of a dragonfly. Her artists' pallette consists of beads, thread, and needles - each bead relates to the next bead and plays an important role in the finished piece. Combining historical beadweaving techniques with contemporary design, Debra works intuitively allowing her unique creations to evolve.