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"Portland" - Oil

"Vermont" - Oil

Jessie Skidmore

cell phone: 206.930.5734

Jessie Skidmore is inspired by simple forms in architecture. With an architecture degree and a ten year career as an architectural designer, Jessie uses her explorations through oil painting to record the “gems” as she sees them. Her work does not intend to record a subject accurately, but rather the bigger picture of what caught her attention in the first place. She discards any photographs or sketches of her subjects early in the process in order for subconscious memory to play the largest role in this recording. She never knows ahead of time how the piece will look in the end, and finds herself constantly reworking one canvas for months until the color, composure, and texture capture the subject’s character. For her, the paintings are a reminder to keep it true and simple and to show people how peaceful architecture can be.