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"Interwoven" - Acrylic

"Rainy Day Oak Grove" - Photograph

WB Eckert

work phone: 805.237.2979

WB Eckert is a lifelong artist with diverse experience in a very wide range of media. His current focus is primarily on the medium of acrylics with not infrequent forays into the world of the photographic arts. He chooses to call his preferred subject matter “Desídephemeráta”, “Desiderata”, something to be desired, and “ephemera”, brief and fleeting occurrences in life. He sees “Desídephemeráta” as the common, everyday things that we suspect hold some clue to the mysterious and elusive question in life… “What does it all mean?” His creative work reflects an exploration of the gracefulness and mystery of the rhythms and forms around us, and attempts to visualize the flow and connectedness that makes everything fit and work together. WB Eckert’s work is an endlessly fascinating puzzle in which an easy answer will always fail to satisfy.