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"River Dream" - Mixed Media

"Ginger Dream" - Mixed Media

"Believe" - Mixed Media

"Year of the Ox" - Mixed Media

"Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright" - Mixed Media

Sarah Winkler


Sarah Winkler is inspired by exotic locations, foreign cultures, her English roots and Californian surroundings. She entwines these travel experiences with poetry, process and passion into each painting. Sarah works in mixed media as it brings contrasting materials together to coexist and form a new identity. She recycles copious amounts of National Geographic Magazine pages and transform them using a non-toxic solvent into an art material. "The inks lift off the page and resettle in interesting patterns and shapes." These repurposed pages of exploration and adventure, become the background texture in her work and she proceeds to paint objects and characters on top of them. This combination of collage and acrylic paint creates great illusions of depth, subtle color shifts and radiant luminosity.