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"Huero Huero Road" - Mixed Media

"Hornet's Next" - Acrylic with Collage

Peg Grady


Peg Grady works in acrylic and with whatever else she feels fills the need...pencil, pen, xerox transfers, found papers, lace..and if the cat wanders into her studio while she's energetically throwing paint around, there's probably a cat hair or two adding some texture. Peg's images are from day-to-day life, and from conversations.. the hornets flying around the hummingbird feeder, the bobcat skull she found while hiking, a discussion about food and travel and the meaning of life. And from her memories, life in New York City, the time spent in the desert, the landscape rolling by as she drove up the 101 to visit her pal in Portland. Her work is abstract and realistic, narrative and not. Sometimes Peg starts out with a story to tell, sometimes she just starts to paint and the work tells her the story. And sometimes it's three dimensional, found object assemblage, shadowboxes.  But, she says, "however the work comes to life, whatever the process, whatever the materials...It's always an adventure."