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"Nacimiento Pirate Map" - Ink and Watercolor on Paper

"Star Trek 09" - Alternative Poster Art, Digital

"Resting Spot" - Oil on Board

Joe Kowalski

cell phone: 562.233.1009

Joe Kowalski likes to describe his art as an experiment. It is always changing and evolving and he never stays exclusively with one medium. This comes from Joe's diverse background in art. Starting at a very young age, he used pastels, color pencils acrylics and watercolor to drawing whatever he saw and throughout high school he practiced drawing portraits in pencil and charcoal. Joe's professional degree in Graphic Design taught him computer digital drawing, map making and illustration techniques. For 20 years Joe worked as a tattoo artist in Hollywood and Orange County and under the guidance of masters of the craft he perfected his skill in watercolor, painting designs or “flash” that decorated the walls of the shop. Joe now likes to spend his time capturing the beauty and feeling of the Central Coast with landscapes and advertisement illustrations created from a combination of his collected skill.