Board of Directors

Standing: Ken Riding, Dee Lacey, Barbara Partridge, Janet Wallace, Carol Tucker, Sarah Ambrose (staff), Matt Masia. Seated: Gail Cayetano, Liz Hastings, Liz Lee, Celeste Hope and Anne Laddon. Unpictured: Ted Dronen, Steve Hovey, Tyler Russell, Leslie Wyss

Studios on the Park is supported by a small, highly energized group of professionals and volunteers. Board members lend their expertise to Studios' building management, fundraising, marketing, finance, and outreach efforts. Their dedicated, behind-the-scenes generosity has made Studios on the Park possible. Get to know them below!

Board of Directors

Gail Cayetano Classick

Liz Hastings - Treasurer

Celeste Hope - Secretary

Steve Hovey

Dee Lacey - Vice President

Anne Laddon

Liz Lee

Matt Masia

Barbara Partridge

Ken Riding

Tyler Russell

Carol Tucker

Janet Wallace - Chair & President

Leslie Wyss


Directors Emeritus

Nancy Beckett

Newlin Hastings

Jim Irving